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Graphical interface with interactive reference card for straightforward customization.

Changing a shortcut key is easier than ever before! Just select a button and type commands as you do in the command line. The reference card shows all assigned commands at glance and allows editing them as well.

03 Customize.png

Special shortcuts keyboard mode. In this mode, one key is one command or chain of commands.

Deactivating the shortcuts mode becomes a rare necessity once the most used commands are on shortcuts. The shortcuts mode automatically deactivates for editing text and typing options for commands.

Combination keys.

Shift, control, win and alt modifier keys are available to use. They will override possible existing combinations which eliminate the need to clean them before a new shortcut can be assigned. The existing combination settings are not changed, they will work as usual when the shortcuts mode is off.


Quick and intuitive macros creation.

Just type the commands sequence in the provided field! Few examples:

Insert specific block: -insert{enter}blockname{enter}scale{enter}1{enter}rotate{enter}0{enter}

Move dimension text: aidimtextmove{enter}1{enter}

Purge all: -purge{enter}all{enter}{enter}no{enter}

Audit and fix errors: audit{enter}y{enter}

Make the viewport scale "1:50": mspace{enter}zoom{enter}scale{enter}0.02xp{enter}

02 Settings.png

Persistent shortcut option to make it work when the shortcuts keyboard mode is off.

There are keys on the keyboard which are seldom used, for instance, F1 for help. By assigning to it m2p{enter} you will have a useful object snap at your fingertips all the time. Otherwise, you have to shift right-click and select "mid between 2 points" which is extra time and eye fatigue. Typing "m2p" is not convenient as well because these 3 letters are far away from each other on the keyboard!


Each key can have up to 4 shortcuts using multiple presses.

For example, push a button once - vertical xline, push it twice - horizontal xline! Or you can have all your blocks library available on shortcuts! First press - insert shower block, second press - hand basin.

Reference Card.png

Settings can be exported and imported.

Setup your keys, export settings and you can transfer settings to a home computer for example. Or you can have different sets of settings and switch between them!


Default settings are provided with stickers that can be attached to a keyboard.

This will enable immediate usage of shortcuts without studying them and make your keyboard look like a special CAD tool!  

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